PCORI drives Salesforce success with Runthru

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The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) partners with Runthru Software to improve knowledge transfer and streamline procedural documentation, without losing sight of the detail.

PCORI is an independent organization authorized by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and is the leading funder of patient-centered comparative clinical effectiveness research in the United States. Since its authorization by Congress in 2010, PCORI has awarded more than US$3 billion to fund nearly 2,000 research and related projects.

The not-for-profit research organization seeks to empower patients and others with actionable information about their health and healthcare choices. A focus of this includes improving care and outcomes for patients traditionally under served by the healthcare system, as well as diversifying the community that leads and participated in health research.

The Challenge

Like many organizations, PCORI’s change management and training team are responsible for the creation of large volumes of internal training and how-to documents (amongst other elements). To do this, they were relying on a range of different authoring tools but found each one unsuitable for their needs in some regard. Creating duplicate content using multiple tools was a time-consuming, draining process.

A large and complex component of PCORI’s ongoing documentation needs is training material for bi-weekly Salesforce releases. The Salesforce system changes regularly, and its users need instruction in the changes at the very moment the changes are released.

The Change and Training team has to clearly describe what these changes are — a process that consumes large amounts of valuable time. It’s a frustrating, time-intensive process.

For document creators, a lot of time had to be expended to create consistency in terms of graphics, fonts and styles, professional presentation, as well as general readability. Despite the extra effort, end-users often found documents hard to engage with and difficult to read, which made retaining information or following steps challenging. As a result, end-users would not utilize Salesforce effectively and mistakes could be made.

Updating bi-weekly releases became a burdensome, long-winded process that was grinding the team down. Management noticed that team morale was slowly dropping due to the lack of appropriate platforms to create and deliver this key business information.

The solution

Realizing that this long standing issue was being felt throughout the organization, PCORI began researching and comparing possible solutions. They quickly discovered that Runthru delivered everything PCORI was looking for in a single multipurpose solution. They were especially intrigued by Runthru Instruction’s ease of use and flexibility, as well as the company’s promise to always engage them in a timely manner.

Runthru worked with PCORI to understand their existing roadblocks and ways of working, as well as their goals, functionality and security requirements, and vision for the future. Following that, Runthru prepared bespoke training and onboarding models that addressed their needs.

In addition, PCORI received templates in corporate branded colors and theme, ensuring a consistent, professional, and polished aesthetic across all created documentation, eLearning, and presentations.

The results

Since engaging Runthru , PCORI has experienced more efficient content creation and has been able to more effectively utilize Salesforce. Documentation now has quick turnaround times — including adding to or updating existing documentation, which is now done with far less effort.

Specifically, PCORI enjoys a significant time reduction in producing bi-weekly training manuals. The organization also benefits from the ability to output in a variety of formats, enabling greater distribution methods through HTML, PDF and eLearning (among others).

PCORI even reported a morale boost within the team, who are now not pigeon-holed in utilizing ill-fitting solutions. Management are happier with the look and feel of created documents as well as the flow of information that Runthru enables, while authors thrive with time-saving document creation and end-users report greater satisfaction overall.

The feedback

“Deciding to partner with Runthru five years ago was an easy decision. Then and now, we have a good relationship with the Runthru team — we still touch base with them regularly.

Nothing compares to Runthru. It’s an all-in-one platform that gives us the ability to quickly turnaround high quality documentation in multiple formats. It has an easy learning curve and provides simple management and upkeep of our document library. Being extremely flexible and intuitive to use, Runthru has made everyone’s lives easier. We have nine different departments engaging with or benefiting from Runthru in some capacity, so it really has positively impacted our whole company.

I’ve recommended Runthru to many other organizations and have even initiated meetings between Runthru and interested parties. It’s a great company with great service, they’re easy to work with, and have a product that does exactly what you need it to.”

Michael Carrabba

Change Management Manager, PCORI

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