Runthru Instruction

Create Work Instructions, Training Materials, Support Guides and Videos with one work effort.

Runthru Instruction is unparalleled in its ability to rapidly write, and update, the highest quality training and support materials.

Do it once

Do the work once and get Word, PowerPoint, eLearning, Video and other formats.

Need a manual and slides for training? Write Once. Click Twice. Done.

(The video at the top of this page was made entirely in Runthru Instruction in minutes.)

Powerful integrations

Create the highest quality user assets directly in Sharepoint, Teams, ServiceNow and Confluence.

So fast

Simple, familiar and easy to use.

Runthru Instruction is a Windows application that makes the writing of step by step instructions really simple and fast.

Draw your instructions directly on the screenshot in seconds.

effortless design

Your fast drawing effort becomes a fully formatted beautiful document at the click of a button

Runthru Instruction's automatic layout and design engine does hours of work in the blink of an eye.

At least four times faster than the usual ways.

Runthru does the heavy lifting for you. Layout and Design work is automatically done saving hours of effort and a lot of pain.

Automatic Standardisation

Automatically and instantly does the design and layout to corporate standards.

The absolute core of the application is an intelligent engine that produces incredible quality outputs with zero effort. Runthru Instruction moves, sizes, shapes, formats and uses corporate standards to deliver exceptional materials.

the only constant

Handle change with ease.

This software is built to allow you to swap, move, reorder steps and screens now and in the future.

This includes replacing the screenshot but leaving all the steps in place.

Example of Runthru Content at

Multiple locations. Languages. Audiences.

With AI powered langauge translation, and a genius audience tagging system, Runthru empowers your content authors to build training and support content for your entire user community.


And not just files. Create Pages in SharePoint Online, Tabs in Teams and Knowledge Articles in ServiceNow.


Create high quality modern site pages in Microsoft SharePoint Online rapidly.



Create and share rich procedural instructions in Microsoft Teams instantly.



Create high quality ServiceNow knowledge articles rapidly.


Other Runthru Instruction Information

User documentation is a must have

Runthru Instruction for User Documentation

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Create procedure, training, and support materials better than ever before.

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