We're leaders in Accelerated Knowledge Transfer


Capturing domain knowledge can be slow and cumbersome meaning if often doesn't happen. Runthru provides a 3-pronged approach to capturing and transferring knowledge to where it’s needed, when it’s needed, quickly and efficiently.

Quickly and easily create compliant, up-to-date, standards-based documents.

Procedural Knowledge Handling – Runthru is an intuitive, simple user experience that helps you create procedural knowledge with embedded smart document standards so you can focus on capturing knowledge not struggling to format it.

Intelligent Assist – Runthru uses robotic process automation and AI to help merge knowledge types, automate handling and reduce friction while offering seamless integration to major knowledge bases such as SharePoint & ServiceNow

Knowledge at Scale - Runthru is an all-in-one, intelligent app that seamlessly spans the full “knowledge journey” of rapid capture, automatic formatting and published transfer of knowledge enabling consistent documented knowledge at high quality.

It's all about results for our customers

Quality of Knowledge at Scale

Ultimately, we want to help organisations to reduce service desk volumes, remove audit problems and drive consistent business execution.

We focus on procedural knowledge

Because improvements here make a big difference to large organisation performance.

Author Experience

We care deeply about the knowledge expert. Empowering these people is the key to successful knowledge programs.

Separate Design from Content

This is how we drive incredible results for our customers. We get the software to do the design and layout to predetermined standards. This means that the authors can focus on the knowledge capture.

Integrate with core enterprise platforms

At the core, we make authoring content faster and easier at a higher quality. But that content needs to be shared in a standardise way. Our extensive integration work makes this possible.

We're innovative and inventive

We make software that is a step up from the usual. It contains many brand new ideas, and takes some tried and true concepts and takes them to a new level.