Runthru Fusion

Runthru Fusion is a fast and user-friendly solution for creating stand-alone help websites without coding knowledge.

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Who is this for?

Runthru Fusion is designed for product owners, project delivery managers, software development managers and technical documentation writers who aim to enhance their software usability, reduce support desk calls, and improve overall customer experience by effortlessly creating world-class help sites.

What's different about it?

Your existing files and folders converted to a functioning site in seconds.

Built-in markup editor with instant preview delivers fast creation times.

Built in image editor. No need to reach for paint again.

Integrated Content: Seamlessly combines textual and visual content in one place.

Share and Subscribe: Reuse rich assets rather than copy and paste.

Word Files to HTML. Dropping word files into the site turns them into pages.

Variables: Change product names, company names, or anything else, in one place, and the whole site updates.

Object Oriented. Create rich pages from multiple reusable elements.

Search built it automatically.

Deploy anywhere. Create and share the whole site without the constraints of a CMS.

Change entire site design in seconds.

Everyone benefits

Our premise is that by providing a toolset like Runthru Fusion, we enable the knowledge holders to share their expertise with exceptional quality, simplicity, and speed.

This ensures that everyone benefits - from developers crafting the documentation to users gaining clarity from it.

By fostering a more efficient and effective knowledge-sharing environment, we are improving user adoption rates and customer satisfaction - truly making it a win-win situation for all.

User Friendly

Make exceptional help sites using files on your computer.

Keeping it simple, build out an entire help site using Windows folders and files.


Single click creation of complete help sites.

Making it easy, one click creation of indexed, interconnected, professional content.

Content Friendly

Use different content from different authors in different file formats and bring it all together easily. (even Microsoft Word).

Check out the screenshot. That's a word file automatically turning into a page in the help site.


Visit an example site

The Contossi help site is created in Runthru Fusion using a variety of file types.

The pages on the site show examples of Salesforce assets created in Runthru Instruction.

Go to the Contossi Help Site Example

Publish Anywhere (almost)

Fusion help sites will run almost anywhere and can even be embedded into your application.

Securely, On your network

Fusion runs on your Windows computer on your network. We never see or host your material.

Separate content and format.

This is not about creative pursuits. It's about getting raw content automatically formatted.

Works exceptionally well with Markdown

The industry standard format is central to Fusion.

Works brilliantly with the Runthru suite

Combine Instruction and Performance files into the site and get instant site pages.

Create PDF of the whole site

Complete with table of contents and cross referencing, easily create a PDF.

At a more functional level

Fusion provides a deep set of features that relieve the stress of the site creators.

Linking without URLs

Because inter page links are not hard coded, you can rearrange your site without breaking it.

Combine Content

Bring together multiple files together to make a single page.

Link to headings

Markdown headings automatically become link targets.

Subscribe don't copy

Embed content in multiple pages from a central source. Update once, change all.

Use {{variables}} not search and replace

Keep the name of your product or company (or whatever) consistent across the whole site easily.

Template control

You're in complete control of the visual appearance.

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