The power toolset for training content authors

You focus on the subject matter, we automate the layout and design.

Built for trainers and instructional designers.

An enterprise strength content development solution, Runthru Instruction is unsurpassed when it comes to creating and maintaining user training assets.

"It is easily 10x faster than doing the same thing on your own. And must be 50x faster if there’s a change"

Logical yet absolutely innovative

You work on the content.

You focus on the subject matter and your audience's needs using a natural and logical process.

Automated Excellence

Let Runthru Instruction do world class layout and design for you, automatically.

Runthru's powerful engine automates the, usually, time consuming work in seconds.

"Whether you need Word documents, Powerpoint, Video or SharePoint pages, this will be your new go-to toolset."


Do the work once and get SharePoint pages, ServiceNow knowledge, Word, PowerPoint, eLearning, Video and other formats.

Apply corporate standards automatically

Build world class content in multiple formats, meeting your corporate standards.

See examples of Salesforce materials with automatically enforced standards.

See examples at

Enterprise Strength

Publish Anywhere (almost)

Create Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, eLearning, Video, SharePoint, Teams, ServiceNow and Confluence

Securely, on your network

Runs on your Windows computer on your network. We never see or host your material.

Separate content and format.

This is not about creative work. This is a heavy lifting toolset that does the layout and design for you.

Standardized content

Standards enforced for (pretty much) everything.

Change Ready

All materials need updating. Runthru Instruction is designed from the ground up to rapidly change content.

It's fast.

Very fast. We know no other way you can make so much professional content so quickly.

With a powerful feature set

Runthru Instruction has an incredible toolset for training content authors.

Sequenced Steps

Numbered steps are not new, but Runthru's numbered steps are so easy to reorder.

Big Files

Create files with hundreds of marked up images.

Document structure

Create structure and add larger amounts of text using special content elements.

Selective Publishing

Create outputs with a subset of your work for different audiences.

Integrates with Runthru Fusion

Runthru Instruction files are automatically converted to rich HTML using Fusion.

Template control

You're in control of the visual appearance of all the outputs.

Learning Styles

Choose from many output options to suit different learning preferences.

Accessible Outputs

Time saving, automated, image tagging for vision impaired audiences.

Swap styles

Change branding, colours, fonts, layouts of your content in minutes.

Can we help you?

We work with people who want to build high quality training materials, but are suffering from huge time pressure. If that sounds like you, let's talk. Perhaps we can help.