HTTP cookie, web cookie, Internet cookie, browser cookie, or just cookie

It’s the small text file that is sent from a website, like this one, and stored on your computer or device’s web browser while you browse.

The information that we collect through cookies generally does not identify, or relate, to a particular individual. In some circumstances, the information collected through cookies may be combined with information that identifies an end user. Any personal information we collect is handled in accordance with Runthru Software’s Privacy Policy

We use cookies to:

  • improve the performance and usability of our website;
  • personalise content and ads;
  • provide social media features;
  • analyse site behaviour and website traffic
  • promote and advertise our products to customers.
We use cookies on our website via third parties such as Google Analytics.

We do not share information about your use of our website.

You consent to our use of cookies if you continue to use our website without disabling cookies in your browser.

You can control the extent to which your device allows cookies via the cookie settings in your browser.

If you do disable all cookies in your browser settings, you may find certain sections or features of our website may not work.

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Last updated February 16, 2019

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