Runthru Software's Applications

Software for rapidly creating procedures, human friendly knowledge and training assets, and help sites.


Training and Support asset authoring software.

Runthru Instruction delivers rapid creation of high quality training and support content. Integrations with SharePoint, Teams, ServiceNow and Confluence.

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Procedure Management software.

Runthru Online saves all your procedures in one place and automatically alerts the relevant people when a procedure is at risk.

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Standard Operating Procedure authoring software.

With Runthru Performance your subject matter experts can quickly generate comprehensive procedural documentation for even your most complex procedures.

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Help site creation software.

Runthru Fusion is a toolset for rapidly building rich help sites. Bring together markdown, word files, Runthru Instruction and Performance files.

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Contossi Help Site Example

Training and Consulting Services

Runthru provides an extensive range of services in the fields of learning content and user documentation creation, management and maintenance.

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"The team used Runthru to prepare material for an upgrade, and it has been a godsend."

Annalise Graham, Raytheon

"With Runthru I turn a 20 page document that would’ve taken a day to produce into a 2 hour task."