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Creating IT training materials is time consuming and soul-destroying.

And all the work is done under significant time pressure. This means burnout, poor content, and mistakes.

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Avoid burnout, errors and poor content with the first Accelerated Knowledge Transfer app

Deliver training and support materials 4x faster, at higher quality, with automatic adherence to standards, and with a lot less stress.

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Runthru helps deliver IT project success by allowing subject experts to share their knowledge more easily, and far more rapidly, without the stress.

“Runthru has made everyone’s lives easier. We have nine different departments engaging with or benefiting from Runthru in some capacity, so it really has positively impacted our whole company.”

Michael Carrabba (Change Management Manager, PCORI)

“The team used Runthru to prepare material for an upgrade, and it has been a godsend. We could not have got the work finished without it.”

A.G. (Major US Defence Industry Org)

“Our core banking system rollout was massively helped by using Runthru. Happy Training Team. Happy Users.”

M.W. (Change Lead, Major Bank)

"It is easily 10x faster than doing the same thing on your own. And must be 50x faster if there’s a change"

S.W. (Consultant, Top 4 Consulting Firm)

Project Success, by Helping the Users through Helping the Subject Experts

Runthru's software is built for the Subject Matter Experts and Trainers. It streamlines knowledge transfer, relieves the pressure on the team, and helps drive project success.

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Runthru intelligently assists in the capturing and transfer of your domain knowledge to where it's needed, when it's needed, quickly and efficiently.

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Example of Runthru Content at

Page created in Runthru Instruction, site created in Runthru Fusion

Much faster for the creator, even better for the user.

Not only is the creation task easier, the content created is world class.

(This example, created in Runthru, is 'Adding a pipeline stage in Salesforce' from

Example of Runthru Content at

Multiple locations. Languages. Audiences.

With AI powered langauge translation, and a genius audience tagging system, Runthru empowers your content authors to build training and support content for your entire user community.


Runthru Instruction Video

A quick video demonstration of Runthru's premiere application, created in the application.

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Integrates with your existing systems.

Leverage your existing knowledge systems by using Runthru to fill them with high quality, standardised assets.


Do you provide services?

We're a specialist software vendor creating applications to improve knowledge transfer. We also deliver training services that help with both application usage and instructional design skills.


How is your software licensed?

Software is licensed either per user or per department.


What does it cost?

Pricing per user starts at $1500 per annum.


Is there a license for the recipients of the assets created?

Licenses are only required for those creating assets in our software, there is no additional license, or cost for the final beneficiary of the knowledge.


Does it work with any application?

Yes. Runthru's solutions are commonly used with applications such as Salesforce, but any application is possible (even terminal emulation and virtual machine content).

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