Align your Organization with Clear Instructions

Software for large organizations to efficiently create and deploy easy to understand procedure, how-to, compliance and other knowledge documents

Organizational Alignment:

Has many benefits including less waste, faster decision making, improved measurement and awareness of boundaries and many more.

Many things are needed to achieve it, but it is impossible to achieve without clear procedural documentation.

Local and Global

The challenge and opportunity is at all levels of the Organization.

Support teams, projects, BPO, suppliers, acquisitions - all benefit significantly from clear documented procedures.

But unfortunately these key assets are often not given the attention they deserve.

Enabling Alignment

Runthru helps alignment by simplifying, accelerating and improving procedural documentation.

This latent pain, this underlying malaise can be solved with the right solution.

Runthru Software addresses challenges across the organization


Outsourcing Functions

Clarity of instruction is absolutely critical when engaging in BPO.


Application Projects

Mitigate one of the big risks of project failure by providing clear procedures.


Process Reengineering

Unambiguously documenting how a procedure is, and will be, performed is essential.


Runthru creates software applications that rapidly turn knowledge into standardized, super clear assets.

Our solutions are used around the world helping teams, divisions and entire organizations with alignment driven by procedural documentation.

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