Why the need for
Accelerated Knowledge Transfer?

It costs up to

of Salary cost
to replace employees

Employees spend up to

of their work week looking for
internal information

of enterprises believe
"Knowledge barriers" impede innovation

Imagine a workplace transformed by the right knowledge in the right place at the right time, in the right way.

Runthru intelligently assists in the capturing and transfer of your domain knowledge to where it's needed, when it's needed, quickly and efficiently.

In an IT Software Project, Runthru drives project success through supporting the Project Training and Change Teams to get knowledge captured, standardised and delivered to the Users in record time.

Everyone wins. Management get project success. The Training and Change Team keep their sanity. Users get outstanding knowledge handover and training assets.

"It is easily 10x faster than doing the same thing on your own. And must be 50x faster if there’s a change"

S.W. (Consultant, Top 4 Consulting Firm)

Capture and standardise business procedures effortlessly.

Ensure Compliant, up-to-date business documentation

AI-Driven Automation Boosts Productivity

Seamless Integration with Sharepoint, ServiceNow & More

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